Yona B – Broken Ankle
August 5, 2021
Michelle I – Increased Energy
August 5, 2021

“I have a couple of pain issues – mild rheumatoid arthritis that would mostly bother me in my feet, and more challenging – tailbone pain that was unexplained and daily. The arthritis was just something I’d gotten used to over the years, but the tailbone pain was something I could not live with without some relief. Over the course of 5 years I have had 7 spinal injections to help control the pain, but none of them ever worked 100% and some of them didn’t work at all. Deb introduced me to the Egoscue method a few years ago when she was just using it herself for pain relief. I first bought the Pain Free for Women book and read it and started doing some of the exercises. I had some relief in my feet which was great, but I didn’t really stick with it and the pain just came back.

After my last spinal injection a year ago, the pain started coming back after about 9 months and I decided I just didn’t want to go through another shot and there had to be a way to help without the painful expensive procedure. I went to a chiropractor who told me my hips were out of alignment and she did some work on them as well as my sacrum, and I felt relieve for the first time that wasn’t given by a needle! It wasn’t complete relief but it was enough for me to realize my posture was a contributing factor and maybe there was something I could do about it. Deb had since completed her training with the Egosque clinic and was starting up her new business so I went to one of her seminars where she gave out another Pain Free book, and I started doing the exercises categorized for feet and hips. Within a week my feet had no pain and I could walk barefoot again (something I hadn’t done in years), but the tailbone pain was still pretty much the same. I went to Deb for a full consult with photos and she created a custom workout routine for me. She suggested I invest in the tower for use on the progressive groin stretch – something I’d tried to do without the tower but never very successfully.  I now believe that single exercise, with the tower, has been the most effective I’ve done!  Worth every penny and every minute spent doing it. I was at the pain point where I was going to need another shot before I started the exercises, and after a month of doing them I have almost the same amount of relief that the shots would have provided! I’m hopeful that with continued work it will get even better!

I’ve always had bad posture and I’ve always wanted to correct it but didn’t know how. These exercises have visibly improved my posture, but more importantly they’ve given me control over my pain!”