Posture Therapy Classes

Online Class

Tuesday Nights 5:30pm – 6:30pm

For online classes, you’ll need to upload the Zoom app to a device with a camera. You’ll want to have the following items available, if possible, for each class, although not all items will be used for every class. The equipment is basic and typically easy to find around most homes. If you have any questions regarding the equipment simply reach out to Deb at Modification options provided upon request.

  • Carpet, yoga mat, blanket or towel for comfort in laying on the floor
  • Egoscue small foam block, yoga block or pillow
  • Egoscue strap, yoga strap or belt
  • Hard chair (such as a kitchen, dining or folding chair), preferably without arms, for sitting
  • Egoscue large foam block, cooler, ottoman, etc. (or above mentioned chair can be substituted for this for those who do not have the block) – average height is 18” – for laying on your back with your legs up and a 90 degree angle at your knee
  • A wall, door or flat surface that you can stand at as well as put your feet and/or legs on while laying on the floor

For the full description click the link for my Postural Alignment – Foundations for Health Classes through Yoga For Living.

Photo Credit: Nadim Merrikh