Sharon S – No More Surgeries

"With chronic back pain, I was at the point of trying anything except another surgery.  I was introduced to Egoscue and was skeptical at first.  Actually, I was concerned that the wrong movement would make me worse, but after just one session my pain was relieved, as well as the headache I happened to have at the time!  This is absolutely worth trying before ever going under the knife."

RLM – Just 30 Minutes A Day

“I’m amazed at the difference that about half an hour is making for me, using the exercises Deb Freeman prescribed. Although my initial complaint was about my sore neck, back and shoulders, I feel better from head to toe when I do my exercises. In fact, doing them each morning makes me feel more alert and awake mentally, as well as more limber. Deb Freeman was not only knowledgeable, she was quick to grasp my questions and concerns, and able to adapt my program to suit my personal physical make-up. I’m so glad I decided to consult Deb. The improvements I’ve experienced since meeting her have made me feel younger, more confident in physical activity, and more able to undertake the things in life that are important to me.”

Dawn S – After Surgery

“After surgery, I became sedentary and so misaligned that everyday household chores began causing chronic hip pain. Shortly after working with Deb, I was able to relieve my pain, correct my hip misalignment and have begun to see significant improvement in my posture. I am now confident that I can alleviate any hip or back pain should it arise. I feel stronger and stand much straighter! This has been a truly great experience for me and one for which I am very grateful!”

Francine C – Fixed My Golf Game

“I have been coming to Deb Freeman for about one month. I feel more balanced and stronger overall and my golf game has improved. When I didn’t have time for the exercises before golf my back was sore and my game was off. The exercises help me hit the ball straighter and have no pain during golfing or the next day. Thanks Deb!”

Ryland D – Running Longevity

"I have been running for about 7 years now. As the years have gone on, I have been getting more and more into it. It started with running a 5K and has become running a marathon. Unfortunately, with running far distances, comes easy injuries. I had been struggling with multiple injuries with my knee, shoulders, hips, and shins. I was referred to a chiropractor. I went for two sessions and while it cracked me into place, that only last for a few days before I was in pain again. Deborah Freeman than told me about the Egoscue Method. She took pictures, and was able to give me a full diagnosis and a menu of e-cises in just a few days. She made sure that she made the menu short enough that I would get to the e-cises everyday. Deborah also took the time to show me each one so that I would get the full results. Within just a few days of doing these e-cises I felt better. Not just in terms of pain, but also a better sense of being. I wouldn't be as tired when I woke up, I had more energy, and my running improved by leaps and bounds. Unfortunately, a few months ago I started running low on time and barely had enough time to do my marathon training, so the e-cises started falling by the wayside. I am desperately trying to make time to get back to my menu because I don't feel as good as I did when I was doing them. I'm constantly exhausted, temperamental, and my running is suffering. My endurance and speed have been declining. It's easy to get trapped up in life, but the Egoscue Method is something worth making time for. Deborah has been fantastic. She constantly checks up to hear how things are going, she is always reachable, and if something isn't working- she'll immediately find a better method for you. We live in an age where we want quick and easy solutions. Unfortunately with posture, it is something that we constantly have to work on. One quick trip to a chiropractor can temporary fix your pain, but the Egoscue Method can permanently heal your pain- if you keep up with it!"

Rebekah H – Hip Pain

"The E-cises Deb gave me made a big difference in my posture and overall feeling of well-being. I initially started with the E-cises because I was having issues with pain in my hip. By strengthening certain parts of my body and correcting my posture, the pain in my hip went away, and I also began noticing a more confident presentation in my body language. I felt taller, more healthy and aligned, and overall more comfortable moving around, especially during exercise. I am very glad I chose to start this program, and I plan to continue improving my body and mood using e-cises."

Tracie F – Back On My Feet

"I have a couple of pain issues - mild rheumatoid arthritis that would mostly bother me in my feet, and more challenging - tailbone pain that was unexplained and daily. The arthritis was just something I’d gotten used to over the years, but the tailbone pain was something I could not live with without some relief. Over the course of 5 years I have had 7 spinal injections to help control the pain, but none of them ever worked 100% and some of them didn’t work at all. Deb introduced me to the Egoscue method a few years ago when she was just using it herself for pain relief. I first bought the Pain Free for Women book and read it and started doing some of the exercises. I had some relief in my feet which was great, but I didn’t really stick with it and the pain just came back. After my last spinal injection a year ago, the pain started coming back after about 9 months and I decided I just didn’t want to go through another shot and there had to be a way to help without the painful expensive procedure. I went to a chiropractor who told me my hips were out of alignment and she did some work on them as well as my sacrum, and I felt relieve for the first time that wasn’t given by a needle! It wasn’t complete relief but it was enough for me to realize my posture was a contributing factor and maybe there was something I could do about it. Deb had since completed her training with the Egosque clinic and was starting up her new business so I went to one of her seminars where she gave out another Pain Free book, and I started doing the exercises categorized for feet and hips. Within a week my feet had no pain and I could walk barefoot again (something I hadn’t done in years), but the tailbone pain was still pretty much the same. I went to Deb for a full consult with photos and she created a custom workout routine for me. She suggested I invest in the tower for use on the progressive groin stretch - something I’d tried to do without the tower but never very successfully.  I now believe that single exercise, with the tower, has been the most effective I’ve done!  Worth every penny and every minute spent doing it. I was at the pain point where I was going to need another shot before I started the exercises, and after a month of doing them I have almost the same amount of relief that the shots would have provided! I’m hopeful that with continued work it will get even better! I’ve always had bad posture and I’ve always wanted to correct it but didn’t know how. These exercises have visibly improved my posture, but more importantly they’ve given me control over my pain!"

Yona B – Broken Ankle

"How many ways can I say ‘thank you’?  I feel so much better! My story: I fell last year, broke my ankle, tore a ligament and went through the normal sequence wearing a ‘boot’ and then physical therapy. It took about 5 months before I began experiencing sharp pains in my neck whenever I lay down. After several more weeks, the neck pain became my constant issue. My chiropractor tried to help but the results lasted about 24 hours. I went to my acupuncturist and she determined that it was coming from the ankle injury. I went to her several weeks in a row as I was getting results that lasted 3 to 4 days after treatment.  However, the pain would come back. I couldn’t sleep for more than a few hours at a time before I would need to massage some numbing tincture in order to get a few more hours of sleep.  This whole thing was exhausting me. Luckily, my son (who had just earned his masters in physical and exercise sciences) insisted that I needed do gentle yoga and work on my posture…my shoulders were folding in and my neck was distended. Good boy! I found Yoga for Living and that’s where I met you!  It’s all about the posture!!! You have taught me so much. I felt a difference by my third class!! My neck stopped hurting when I lay down…after only three classes! Amazingly, I could actually sleep without pain. Suffice it to say that I continue attending your classes at Yoga for Living and after a dozen classes I now rarely experience any neck pain. AND my posture has improved tremendously – everyone in the family has noticed this! My husband has 3 herniated discs and has been in pain for years…after attending your workshop, he felt instant relief which lasted for a full 24 hours! He’s chosen to continue coming to the posture classes AND is scheduling private sessions with you for immediately after Thanksgiving. This is a huge step in the healing direction for him, and my entire family is thrilled for him. Thank you Deb! Looking forward to ‘posturing’ with you."

Michelle I – Increased Energy

"It has been an honor to work with Deb and learn more about the Egosque Method. The most challenging part of the program is learning how to say his name. As a teacher and practitioner of yoga and bodywork for 30 years I understand the necessity of practice. Recognizing how important practice is if our desire is transformation. With this method the exercises are simple, clear, and forthright.  Deborah's devotion to the practice reflects in the way she radiates life.  Because she has transformed and continues to grow inspires others who have a similar intention or desire. Since practicing with her I have noticed increased energy. This is of great benefit with the busy life I lead. Part of that energy has been stimulated through a greater capacity to breathe through my rib cage. The upper respiratory system, including the sinuses have also opened. In general it's a feeling of freedom. With great respect, Michelle I, RYT 500, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Body Worker & Creator of The Ahmah Method"

Debbie P (PTA) – Team Effort

"I have been working with Deb Freeman, for almost 4 months, to relieve chronic right hip pain of over 5 years duration. During that time, I have had a significant decrease in the constant chronic pain, and an increase in hip stability, function and muscle strength. It has been a team effort in that Deb uses before and after photos at every session, her visual expertise and my feedback to create exercise programs specific to my condition at that time. As my condition changes the exercises change. She is my coach and I do the physical work. The exercises are clearly listed and come with video instructions for each. Deb is not only totally focused on your performance and progress in each session, but checks on your progress between sessions through phone calls and on line evaluation forms. She is passionate about helping people recover from pain and it shows in her work. As a physical therapist assistant for over 30 years, I appreciate good treatment as a client and that is what I’ve gotten from Deb. If you are willing to put in the work, she is there to help you."

Nancy K – Easy To Do

"What I like about these exercises is that they are so easy. They are so subtle. I’m mostly just laying here but I feel so much better after only a couple of classes. You make them easy for me. They are simple to do. And the ones that are challenging you only have to do for a short time."

Patrice D – Best Sleep

"Thank you Deb!!! I have been in excruciating pain for a very long time. I have been to many different doctors, the chiropractor, massages etc. I was about to get injections out of sheer desperation and then I stumbled upon you and this class! Thank God!! After just this class I had the best night sleep in over a year. I left there feeling like a brand new person. So far so good today. I have been moving around today with ease and pain free. AMAZING! I look forward to my next visit and getting my life back and my body feeling great again! You have no idea how grateful I am! Thank you."

Gwynn D – Taller and Thinner Too

"I have suffered from back and neck pain for years. I also knew that my posture was not very good, but did not connect the two. Then I started having severe hip pain and even a numb lower leg. I went to the doctor and was given muscle relaxers and pain killers, but the pain persisted. Next, I started going to a physical therapist, which I kept up for a few years, but while I did get some relief, it wasn't enough. Finally, I heard about Deb's class. I have to admit, it was not so much the idea of she might reduce the pain that motivated me, but more the idea I could get help with my posture. I enjoyed the first class, but knew I needed more and preferred to not do my exercises in a class setting. Seven months ago, I had Deb start working with me on a monthly basis. Each time I go, she photographs me to analyze my posture from the side, back, and front. It is exciting to see the progress over where I had started. I am finally straightening out! My hip pain and numb leg issue have disappeared. My neck and back pain are much reduced. My friends and family notice that my posture is improving - I am told I look taller and thinner! I plan to continue with this program until my posture is where it should be and the pain is gone. I spend time each day doing the exercises Deb gives me. The menu changes each month based on how my posture has changed. This is a program that truly I believe in and the proof is in seeing what it has done for me."

Linda M – Herniated Discs

"I have not missed a class since I started Postural Alignment classes back in October. It has made a significant difference in my neck and shoulder pain. I have herniated discs in my neck and have tried everything from Acupuncture, Prescriptions, Pain Management and have not had much success until I starting Deb’s Postural Alignment class. I had pain in my wrists which I thought was Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and recently found out that I was misdiagnosed. My pain was radiating from the herniated discs in my neck. My wrist pain has also subsided since I have been taking Deb’s postural alignment class. I especially love the fact that Deb explains exactly why we are doing each exercise, its purpose and the affect that it has on our body. I have felt such a positive change in my life and overall well-being. Thank you so much Deb!"

Rob K – Pain Free

"There is 100% no doubt Egoscue and Pain Free are very positive life altering events for me. I am almost pain free which I was in bad shape most of the second half of 2016 and so many times on/off over 15-20 years. Thanks again for your help as I would definitely recommend you and pain free to anyone."

Martin T – Back Surgery

"Have been taking Deb's class now for about 5 months and am beginning to feel relief from chronic back pain brought on by back surgery over 2 years ago. Classes are comfortable, variable in exercises used, and always provide immediate relief. Can and would highly recommend Deb as a teacher of Egoscue method. Patient and very attentive to the needs and limitations of her students. A good method and a good teacher."

Christina M – Thank You Card

Diane S – Highly Recommend

"I have been taking Deb's postural alignment class for a few months. Her class has eased my lower back pain and improved my posture. Would highly recommend!"