About Posture Therapy

Posture therapy is a non-medical method of stopping chronic pain and limitations by addressing the functionality of your entire body through correcting musculoskeletal imbalances and deviations. Using gentle, individualized exercises and stretches we will correct the underlying, root causes of your issues instead of only treating your symptoms. Many of our most common pains are derived from misalignment.

A body that is healthy, functional and pain free comes from correct postural alignment, position and function. The body is in alignment when all load bearing joints (shoulders, hips, knees and ankles) line up horizontally and vertically at 90 degree angles. When the body is in correct alignment, matching it's Anatomical Blueprint Design, there is no pain because the correct muscles are moving the correct bones to their correct positions.

Muscular imbalance causes wear and joint degeneration at any age. This causes stress and eventually pain. You can correct your body’s muscular imbalances with gentle alignment exercises and stretches that are specifically chosen for your body’s needs.

In order to correct muscular imbalances you must change your muscle memory. Through consistently implementing new body movements and actions you can adjust the position of your muscles, bringing your body back into alignment. This addresses the source of your pain and limitations instead of only treating your symptoms.

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Photo Credit: Esther Tuttle