Gwynn D – Taller and Thinner Too
January 12, 2023
Rob K – Pain Free
January 12, 2023

“I have not missed a class since I started Postural Alignment classes back in October. It has made a significant difference in my neck and shoulder pain. I have herniated discs in my neck and have tried everything from Acupuncture, Prescriptions, Pain Management and have not had much success until I starting Deb’s Postural Alignment class.

I had pain in my wrists which I thought was Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and recently found out that I was misdiagnosed. My pain was radiating from the herniated discs in my neck. My wrist pain has also subsided since I have been taking Deb’s postural alignment class. I especially love the fact that Deb explains exactly why we are doing each exercise, its purpose and the affect that it has on our body. I have felt such a positive change in my life and overall well-being.

Thank you so much Deb!”