Francine C – Fixed My Golf Game
July 14, 2021
Dawn S – After Surgery
July 14, 2021

“I’m amazed at the difference that about half an hour is making for me, using the exercises Deb Freeman prescribed. Although my initial complaint was about my sore neck, back and shoulders, I feel better from head to toe when I do my exercises. In fact, doing them each morning makes me feel more alert and awake mentally, as well as more limber.

Deb Freeman was not only knowledgeable, she was quick to grasp my questions and concerns, and able to adapt my program to suit my personal physical make-up.

I’m so glad I decided to consult Deb. The improvements I’ve experienced since meeting her have made me feel younger, more confident in physical activity, and more able to undertake the things in life that are important to me.”