Michelle I – Increased Energy
August 5, 2021
Nancy K – Easy To Do
January 12, 2023

“I have been working with Deb Freeman, for almost 4 months, to relieve chronic right hip pain of over 5 years duration. During that time, I have had a significant decrease in the constant chronic pain, and an increase in hip stability, function and muscle strength. It has been a team effort in that Deb uses before and after photos at every session, her visual expertise and my feedback to create exercise programs specific to my condition at that time. As my condition changes the exercises change. She is my coach and I do the physical work. The exercises are clearly listed and come with video instructions for each.

Deb is not only totally focused on your performance and progress in each session, but checks on your progress between sessions through phone calls and on line evaluation forms. She is passionate about helping people recover from pain and it shows in her work. As a physical therapist assistant for over 30 years, I appreciate good treatment as a client and that is what I’ve gotten from Deb.

If you are willing to put in the work, she is there to help you.”