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Mark Your Calendar – Saturday February 9, 2019 ( 1:30pm – 3:30pm)
Posture on the Go & The Posture and Pain Connection Workshop

Postural Consultant Deb Parrish and Postural Alignment Specialist Deb Freeman join forces to provide both quick tips and tricks to correct your “Posture on the Go” as well as to educate you about “The Posture and Pain Connection” so you can begin to restore your posture and eliminate chronic and recurrent pains. For those who desire quick effective solutions as well as long lasting results.

Held at Yoga for Living
1926 Greentree Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ
Pre-Registration Suggested – Space is Limited
856-404-7287 or
$25 pre-register by Feb 6
$35 after Feb 6

Posture Therapy
Posture therapy sessions are one-on-one visits specifically designed to address the postural misalignments causing your pain and limitations. The initial assessment is typically 3 hours in length and includes the following:

  • Client intake and history
  • Postural assessment including photos, functional tests, and gait analysis
  • Instruction in a sequence (menu) of exercises (e-cises) to mitigate pain symptoms

Follow up sessions are typically 2 hours in length. The second session includes the following:

  • Assessment of changes in posture, pain, and limitations
  • E-cise menu review (review of the e-cises given in the initial assessment to ensure that they are being done correctly for optimal results)
  • Possible changes to the e-cise menu based upon results obtained and client feedback

The number of sessions required for posture therapy is very individualized and determined by various factors including, but not limited to the following:

  • Specific pains and limitations
  • Commitment to doing the e-cises on a daily basis in order to change muscle memory
  • Lifestyle
  • Other health factors such as water intake, nutrition, and stress management

Posture therapy is an investment in your health. It’s all about re-educating your muscles to function as they were intended. Since muscles tell the bones what to do, once the muscles are aligned the bones will follow suit and the body can begin to heal. Successful clients find that doing e-cises becomes a way of life, the way to enjoy a pain free lifestyle, because e-cises provide their body with the stimulus it craves. It is up to you and your therapist to work together to design a program that fits your specific needs and requirements and allows you to begin meeting your goals. Your feedback is not only invited, it is essential to make the most of your posture therapy so your therapist is available between visits to address any questions or concerns and each session addresses this important aspect as well.

Call Deb for Pricing: 856.495.6604

Tuesday Nights 5:30pm – 6:30pm
For the full description click the link for my Postural Alignment – Foundations for Health Classes at Yoga for living.

Online Webinar

Eliminating Chronic and Recurrent Pain with Posture Therapy
This webinar covers a general outline and explanation of posture therapy. It also includes a few e-cises to test your body’s balance and get an idea of what to expect.

Special thanks to Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging (TDI) in Marlton, NJ, for hosting this webinar. Check out their site to see monthly webinars on holistic healthcare topics.

See webinar on WebinarJam